COVID-19 Update:

There have been rumors spreading that we will not be opening until May 26th or later.  THIS IS NOT TRUE AND HAS NOT COME FROM ANY SON SEEKERS ADMINISTRATION.   We will be reopening as soon as we feel the threat of transmission and/or infection of our staff and families we serve is minimized based upon the data and advice from health and governing officials.  We hope that this is well before Summer Camp, but as noted below, as unpredictable as the spread of this virus is, it's just as unpredictable when we will be able to reopen.


Below is the latest email sent out to our families for your information




     For the past few weeks, we have been assessing the state of our local area on a daily basis, watching press conferences and keeping up with the latest data and advice from the CDC and health officials.  Initially, the decision was made to stay open as long as possible to assist in relieving some burden for essential workers (especially those with limited or no family in the area) as well as hoping to keep some piece of normal for both kids and parents who may not have easy access to other childcare arrangements.  What we have quickly learned as a community, state, and nation is that although this virus may not be a severe health threat to all who contract it, it’s aggressive enough in it’s spread that we have shifted from isolated cases to wide, community spread mostly by unknowing positive people, or carriers who may never show symptoms.

     As the possibility of the virus being transmitted through our program has gone from low to more likely than most of us are (or should be) comfortable with, we have made the decision to temporarily close, with Thursday, April 9th, being our last day of operation until further notice.  This decision was made in consideration of your family members and loved ones that may be more vulnerable, as well as the families of our staff (some of which have had to distance or voluntarily quarantine due to the possibility of carrying the virus to them in order to continue to work.)  We have had no known cases of COVID-19 among our staff and kids, but the goal is to make sure we keep it that way. I am confident, and proud, of the cleaning,sanitizing and hygiene procedures that my staff have followed through with (as well as the kids for abiding in!), but as the threat of transmission becomes too unseen and too unpredictable, and after MUCH prayer and collaboration with multiple professionals, I feel as though this is the right decision to make for now.  The rest of this will be bullet pointed to get to the points that are important to you, as I trust that you all know that each one comes with it’s own reasons and consideration of your family’s needs:

  • LAST DAY OF OPERATION Thurs, April 9th.  Re-opening day is TBD.  Deadlines given so far by governing officials are becoming milestones at which to evaluate and determine a course of action moving forward.  And as such, I do not want to say “at the end of the Shelter in Place order”,or “by April 20th”. But trust me when I say, our entire staff is soooo ready to get back in the game, and we won’t delay it one day longer than I feel necessary.

  • RESERVOIR SITE: Due to low attendance, we will be combining both sites next week.  Today (4/3) will be the last day at the rez site until we reopen. Any rez families who attended this week who need another week may attend the Pearl site.

  • SUMMER CAMP:  One date I will give (as tentatively as anything else is right now though) is May 26th! We are still planning to hit the ground running on this day to start the awesomeness that is Son Seekers Summer Camp! (Hopefully we’ll be open before, and we’ll update everyone as this day approaches.  If our opening is further delayed, prepaid tuitions, etc. will be prorated, so don’t stress about that)

  • TUITION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Will be the same weekly rate as this past week.

  • HOLDING FEES: This coming week will be the last week of holding fees. Holding fees will not be charged after next week, and all drafts will pause.

  • HOW DO WE GET BACK IN?:  Parents that have paid the holding fee or tuition until 4/9 will still be considered “enrolled”.  You will be notified prior to our reopening, and no registration fee will be required. Families who wish to return at a later date may withdraw at that point and re-register when needed.

  • WILL THERE STILL BE A SON SEEKERS?: Yes!! For those that realize how much it costs to keep a program this size running in facilities, newer vehicles, utilities, insurance.. Etc.  that thought may have crossed your mind. Between our emergency fund, your willingness to pay a holding fee so far, and funding provided through the stimulus bill, we will absolutely, without a doubt be back!  Our Lord is exceedingly, abundantly good and has been preparing us for this situation way before we had any idea about it. My staff will be taken care of as well through the closure, so you can expect to see the same smiling faces when we all get to return!

We are looking forward to finding new, creative ways to stay connected to our kids and families through online media, and are praying for all of you as each of you are going through your own individual journey right now! If you have not “liked” our facebook page, please take a second to do so!  And under our banner image at the top, you’ll see notification/following options. Be sure to fix these to see and/or be notified of all new posts!

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