COVID-19 Update:


  • If you have already registered for summer camp, and still plan to attend, you’re good! (a survey has been emailed out to you.  Please confirm using the survey link, or let us know if you did not receive it!)

  • We want to make sure you are able to take care of your family in the best way possible.  Unfortunately, we realize that for many families, that looks very different than it did a couple of months ago.   If you need to cancel your registration, you MUST let us know by Friday, May 15th in order to receive a refund for your registration/activity fee.  Families who have not notified us by this date will be locked in to the payment schedule in the Summer Camp packet.


Some (of the many) changes we are putting in place:

  • (For the rest of the "school year")  We will be creating all new group rosters for Monday, 5/4 to maintain a 9 child to 1 leader ratio.  Your child will not be on a group roster until their confirmed start date. Rooms are set up to provide extra space for children while maintaining socialization.

  • Drop-Off/Pick-up:  Only staff and enrolled children will be allowed to enter the building.  We will be utilizing a car-rider type line for drop-off/pick-up.  More details will be in a follow up email to parents.

  • Children should wash their hands right before leaving the house!  They will also be required to wash their hands as soon as they enter the center.  (A good idea to remember: disinfect your interior and exterior car door handles frequently, germs love to come along for the ride!)

  • Child wellness: A wellness check (temperature check, visual check for symptoms, etc.) will be done on each child before the child is allowed to enter.  Temperatures will also be checked at lunch time each day.  Any child that shows cold/flu like symptoms will need to be picked up immediately and cannot return until fever/symptom free for at least 48 hours (cannot return sooner than the 3rd day after being sent home)  If any person in your household is ill, PLEASE keep your child at home!!

  • Parent Meetings: When possible will be held through video chat or phone call.  In person meetings will be held in a meeting area outside of the office on an as needed basis and must be scheduled.

  • Common areas:  As much as feasibly possible, staff will stay with their assigned group, and will not utilize confined areas at the same time.  Staff, children, and parents should not enter the office unless asked to by a director.  A separate “sick room” for children will be utilized as needed.

Summer Camp:

  • There's already been countless hours invested on planning and implementing policies and procedures that will allow us to run Summer Camp in a safe and sanitary way, while still letting the kids have an incredible experience! 

  • We plan to stick to the calendar as close as possible!  This is obviously contingent on field trip destinations being open, but also on the logistics of exposure to people outside of our program, the amount of surfaces that would be touched, etc.  We'll be updating parents as soon as any changes are made, but our summer will be as fun packed and event filled as the calendar we published in February, even if we have to substitute trips or bring events to us to make that happen!

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