Summer Camp

Childcare for the whole summer break!

2021 Schedule and hours:

Dates: Wednesday, May 26th - TBA (start of 21-22 year)

(We anticipate school to return on or around Aug. 9th, but no announcement has been made)

Hours: 6:30am-6:00pm Monday - Friday

Observed (Closed) Holidays: 

Memorial Day: Monday, May 31st

Independence Day: July 5th


A $135/child activity fee covers EVERYTHING!! Field trips, on site events, t-shirt, supplies... We'll never ask you to send money!  We actually ask you to please NOT send money with your child for anything!  We're packing in more field trips, on-site events, and projects than ever!  The calendar is just about done and ready for you to see!

Age Requirements

Children must be 5 years old AS OF MAY 26th.

Children who have entered 6th grade or who turn 12 before May 26th are not eligible.

2021 Tuition and Fees:

Tuition: $120/week/child  ($100/week for 3rd child)

Activity Fee: $135/child

Registration Fee: $60/child -up to $120/family

(only applies to NOT currently enrolled child)

Tuition is paid every Monday through automatic bank draft.

Activity fee (and reg. fee if applicable) due at registration.

the fine print:

We're not into fine print, but there's a couple of important things to know to keep everything fair and smooth flowing!

Tuition: By enrolling in Summer Camp, you are locking in and committing to pay for your child's secured spot for each day from May 26th to August 6th (or the last day of Summer, whichever comes first), regardless of attendance.

As we expected, schools have not yet released any information on the first day of school.  If school begins before Aug. 6th, tuition will be prorated per day to the last day. If school begins after Aug. 9th, an option will be given to extend care until school begins.

*Due to locking in a spot, withdraw notices are not accepted during Summer Camp.*

Field Trips:

Your child must arrive by the time listed on the calendar in order to go on the field trip. This is strictly enforced.  

For safety reasons (easy identification by our staff and others)  field trip shirts must be worn for every field trip! 

Missed field trips cannot be made up with other groups.  Activity fees are set amounts and are not refunded due to missed activities.


Your child needs a sack lunch EVERY DAY! No peanuts or peanut butter due to severe allergies. (Please label Wowbutter or Sunflower butter to help us quickly know the difference).  We will provide a morning and afternoon snack.

Personal Belongings: 

No outside belongings, toys, phones, electronics, blankets, pillows, etc. are allowed.  We will not be responsible for lost or broken belongings.  *Bags/belongings that need to be sent "home" with a child should be left at the office for safe keeping.


ONLY FLORENCE SITE:  If you have multiple weeks that your child will not attend, or have an arrangement where your child can only attend specific days each week (i.e. every Tues/Thurs, Mon-Wed, etc.)

We have opened up a few spots for Part Time families at our Florence Site! Contact me at for more information.

Unfortunately, due to max capacity restrictions, we cannot accept part-time or

drop-in kids at our Pearl or Reservoir Locations.


Our registration process is 100% online this year!  We've replaced the forms, paperwork and handbooks with an online registration process that's simple and adapts itself to your family!  No in-person registration will be done.  HOWEVER, we are allowing scheduled in-person tours so that you can meet us and see the facility!  Per CDC recommendations, we are limiting visitors in the building as much as possible, so these "5 minute tours" are just for meeting and touring.  We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have, or discuss any special needs or conditions related to your child over the phone, or in a scheduled meeting if needed.

Online Registration

Ready to lock in your spot? 

Just click the box that applies to you and follow the step by step instructions!

2021 Activity Calendars!

*Subject to change.

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Web Pearl SC21 July.png
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