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After School Care

Childcare throughout the school year, including most holidays!

Registration for currently enrolled families begins Monday, June 10th. 

New and returning family registration begins Thursday, June 13th.

Pearl Site pick-ups:

Brandon Schools:

Rouse Elementary

Stonebridge Elementary

Brandon Elementary

Pearl Schools:

Pearl Lower Elementary

Northside Elementary

Pearl Upper Elementary

Reservoir Site pick-ups:

Northwest Schools:

Flowood Elementary (K-5th)  Northshore Elementary (K-5th)

NWR Elementary (K-5th)      Oakdale Elementary (K-5th)

Highland Bluff Elementary (K-5th)

daily activities!

- We provide afternoon snacks for kids each day

 (and morning snacks on "all-days")

- Each group has age appropriate "centers", games, and activities in their room that encourage socialization and building new friendships!

- Group leaders have a daily devotion time with their group, focusing on applying and living out God's Word in our day to day life!

- Outdoor playtime (weather/temp permitting!) consists of both free play and organized games, as well as awesome playground equipment at each site!

kids worship!

Every Friday, our directors lead Kids Worship!  We learn how to live a Christ-centered life through an engaging bible-based message geared toward your child's age group!  We praise God with singing and dancing to songs you and your child may already know!  Kids often get on the bus asking "Are we doing worship today!?"

homework assistance!

• Each group (1st-5th grade) has up to 40 minutes where homework is first priority!  Kids without homework, or completed homework, will have most centers available to play in the room while the group leader walks around assisting kids as needed (We save the louder/more exciting centers such as foosball for after homework!) 

• In most circumstances, kids are able to complete their homework with minimal help from the group leader.  If your child needs more one on one assistance than our group leader is able to offer, you may have an outside tutor come to the center. (Must be approved and scheduled beforehand to ensure we have an isolated area for them to work.)

• Homework time is later in the afternoon, NOT upon arrival. (begins around 4) We feel as though (now more than ever!) They need a break between school and homework!

Tuition and Fees!

Registration Fee: $60/child (up to $120/family)

*$10/day extra for unscheduled hybrid/distance learning days.

*Tuition INCLUDES all school holidays! No holiday upcharges!


• School year office hours: 12:00pm - 6:00pm

*Staff/admin may be out for periods between 1:00-2:40 for bus routes.

• Childcare hours: pickup until 6:00pm

• "All day" holidays: 6:30am - 6:00pm

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