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    Our team is constantly growing!  So we’re constantly seeking out hard-working, fun-loving, reliable people to join our staff!

A great fit will thrive on following schedules and set expectations, while not crumbling under the pressure of being flexible or winging it from time to time!  Because we know even best friends don’t always make the best roommates, each group leader has their own independent classroom, letting your creativity and skill set shine! But we ARE a close-knit team, so it’s VITAL that you are able to work well with others (No drama allowed here!)  We believe in investing a lot in each new hire, from the initial interview and background checks, to staff shirts and several days of one on one training, all to make sure that you are well equipped, and that you’re working side by side with other well equipped people!

If a 1:30pm-6:00pm Monday-Friday schedule, and starting pay of $13/hr* sound exciting to you, click the link below to apply!


- Our team members must all have the same ultimate purpose, and that is to serve and glorify God through the way they serve our families!  A relationship with Christ is essential in order to be that mentor that with our kids!

- Must be 18 or older, and have a high school diploma or GED.
- Must be able to pass a criminal and sexual abuse background check, as well as drug screening.
- This job requires you to be able to be physically active with the children during recreation time. This may include indoor/outdoor games, as well as sitting at ground level, and walking regularly. 
- Ability to spend extended time outside, weather permitting. (playground, field trips, etc.)
- Homework is done by the children Mon-Thurs. Ability to multi-task is crucial.
- Ability to be relational with children, while maintaining an enjoyable, structured environment.
- Reference EMAIL ADDRESSES must be listed on the employment application. We email a referral form to each reference.

If you have a passion for working with children, and meet the above requirements, we would love to talk with you! A resume is great, and may be submitted with your application. But a completed employment application is REQUIRED. You may come by our office during office hours (12:00-1:30pm, 2:30-6:00pm M-F), or fill out our online application.

We love to meet people in person! 
If you would like to print an application to drop by the center, click here.

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