Summer Camp 2021

Current families:

Families with only currently enrolled children:

  If you have any changes to make on your child's enrollment paperwork (phone numbers, address, pick-ups, etc.) please log in to your parent portal to make these changes.  Information in the following link goes into a separate database and does not update your Sandbox account.


Families with a current child and new child starting this summer:

  Please make any needed changes (phone numbers, address, pick-ups, etc.) in your parent portal.  All pick-ups, contact info, etc. will apply to your new child as well.

  HOWEVER, Sandbox does not allow parents to add a new child to their existing account.  We will take the needed information from the Summer Camp registration form to add them to your account.  Please do not complete a new Sandbox registration for a new child. You just need to fill out the registration link below. (Sandbox is a link on a different page. As long as the header of the form looks like the blue/yellow boxes below, you're good! :D )

   Since COVID began, we have been operating all hands on deck all the time!  In order to keep everything running smoothly in the program while keeping the pick-up line moving efficiently, we will not be taking in-person payments for fees.  The form will not submit without a credit/debit card or PayPal payment at the end!


While the entire process is automated for you, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! (Please leave a voicemail if necessary, and we'll call you back!  Our phones ring off the hook this time of year!)

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212 Avalon Circle

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100 49 Place

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Opening this summer!

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