Covid-19 Updates

We’re putting in place every measure feasible while allowing your kid to still be a kid!  While we know most parents are supportive of our balance of caution vs. risk, we also understand some families have extenuating circumstances that require absolutely all possible safety measures are followed.  While we sympathize with those families, we have assessed each aspect of our program, and are implementing measures to the extent that we are (1) in compliance with the law, and (2) able to maintain the quality program that you and your kids deserve and know us for!

What we’re doing…

- All kids will have temps checked (max 99.3) and use hand sanitizer loading the bus.

- Children will have assigned seats on the bus/van.  (Due to enrollment, we are limited on how much we can space out.)

- Buses/vans will be fully sanitized (seats, handrails, etc.) daily using a pump sprayer.

- Restroom breaks will be staggered upon arrival.

- Mingling between groups will be limited to activities with their one partner group (Playground, etc.)

- Teachers will be maintaining 6 ft distancing from the kids as much as possible

- Kids’ activities will continue to be conducive to assigned seats or small groups

- Rooms have been set-up to maximize space between centers. 

...and what we need you to do!

-Please DO NOT send your kid to school or Son Seekers if any member of your family/household is exhibiting symptoms, has a pending COVID-19 test, or has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10-14 days. 

-If your child is absent due to being quarantined for 4 or more consecutive days due to a household/family member awaiting results or testing positive, we will apply an $8/day ledger credit beginning on day 4 of their absence. WE MUST BE INFORMED OF THE SITUATION AS OF DAY 1 OF THE ABSENCE FOR ANY CREDIT. This is essential for us to be proactive in preventing the spread.

-As long as traditional learning schedules are offered, we WILL NOT be offering an all day care alternative.  In the event that hybrid/distance learning becomes mandatory, a plan will be developed that will address virtual learning, the technical requirements of it, etc.


 Proactive self-quarantines have kept our center safe and healthy since the pandemic began, and it is ESSENTIAL that this practice continues so that we do not have to implement further measures that will greatly impact each kid’s experience here.  We’ve all thought about the “Tylenol and send them anyway” method at some point, but with a very fragile balance of keeping the freedom and little bit of normalcy we have left for our kids, I’m asking that you go above and beyond in your precautions.