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Tuition Express Payment Processing:


This year, we began to offer Cards as a payment method in hopes that we could make payments simpler/easier for you.  We asked that parents run all cards through "CREDIT CARD", not "DEBIT CARD", so that the fees are automatically passed through.  The same fees are charged to our merchant account either way.  However, Procare will not pass them through under the "DEBIT CARD" option, nor will they remove that option from the screen to just leave "CREDIT CARD" or "ACH DRAFT."  They expressly stated that it is our responsibility to manually charge each fee for "DEBIT CARD".  This has tied up several hours per week, as we have to individually open and edit every invoice, adding fees to accounts of families who continue to process through Debit Cards, despite our requests to change it. (All while we miss transactions and end up absorbing fees every week, because there's no easy way to do this, and no way to double check)

ACH Draft: Bank account draft using your routing and account number. -No charge to you, most families use this option.


CREDIT CARD:  ALL cards (Debit cards and Credit Cards) should be entered through this option. A 2.7%+$0.30 fee will automatically apply.


DEBIT CARD: DO NOT use this option.  The same card fee is charged to us as Credit Card, except Procare will not pass it directly to you. 


Several hours each week are spent manually passing just these Debit Card fees through.  We have had almost $1,000 in processing fees through Debit Card transactions that we have had to manually bill a few dollars a time this school year.  We have sent out requests for families to switch their payment method with little progress.  This is our last attempt to offer card processing, and will be disabling ALL card processing if we have families that have not updated their payment method by Thursday.  At that point, ALL families will be required to use ACH DRAFT ONLY.

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