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2023 Year End Tax Statements:

   If your child started this school year (August 7th or later):

 You will pull your tax statement on the Procare App under "view Transactions"..."TAX STATEMENT"   (We will not be sending out these statements in automated emails)

  If your child was enrolled prior to this school year (Before August 7th):

   **Due to our switch from Sandbox Software to Procare Software this school year, you will have TWO tax statements to add together --they DO NOT overlap.

January 1st through August 5th:    You will receive an email today (Jan 22nd) with your tax statement attached for all transactions 1/1/23 through 8/5/23 (Through the end of Summer camp 2023). 

If you don't see it, please check your SPAM folder, AND with any other payer/parent on the account.  Due to the number of accounts we have, this is by far your quickest option!  If you can't find it, or have an issue, we will be glad to help! 

(You may be able to access this in your Sandbox parent portal as well , which will discontinue on 1/31)

August 7th-December 31st:   You will pull this tax statement on the Procare App under "view Transactions"..."TAX STATEMENT".  (These will not be automatically emailed out(we only have the option to email individual files, not bulk automated tax statements through Procare)

*The date on all tax statements will show 1/1/23 - 12/31/23, but it is only for the timeframe that we used that software.  

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